Global Service Locations

A truly global artist will achieve 60% of total worldwide album sales outside of the US, those numbers will reflect – with the right set-up – in concert tickets, merchandise sales and brand opportunities.

We are aware that it is very difficult to convince an artist who has sold millions of units in the US to begin basic, budgeted, international promotion. This would require small travel parties, mid-level standard hotels and strict adherence to local international market schedules that always run to full days. As an outline a typical schedule would involve early morning breakfast radio interviews, a full day of online and press, evening drive-time radio interviews, late evening mix show interviews and – on occasion – label dinners, this would obviously enhance relationships with local label staff.

These issues wouldn’t arise when developing a new act if this culture/mind set is in place from the start of their careers. The pressures and commitments definitely ease after the success of the first two album releases, but not before.

Ja Rule, Ashanti, Pink, Usher, Outkast, Kanye West, Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Bruno Mars and Flo Rida are just a few of the major artist campaigns that Sevengrand have been involved in successfully developing globally over the past 10 – 15 years. There could have been so many others who, if they had bought into hard work and a broader vision, could have fulfilled their potential and achieved worldwide success.

A simple example of this is the numbers that Jay-Z’s Blueprint III album achieved. After he committed himself to a full schedule of international promotion he attained the biggest international album sales figures of his career (1 million units.)

With the right team, the right budget and consistent focus, the results will begin to manifest themselves; new artists will have a different perspective and an eagerness to break a new market. This involves traveling in coach and staying in economic accommodation when kick-starting their careers, this would work in tandem with how the international affiliates like to build US artists brands in their markets.

Album campaigns need a formula; advance music, artist/management buy-in, label sign-off, approx 8 – 10 weeks of international promotion per year for an artist over a three single campaign, an underplay tour initially and theater tours in the third or fourth phase.

Once the artist brand has begun to develop we would seek out brand partnership opportunities, first through the local label affiliates to balance any political issues and then with our own direct third party relationships to maximize the available financial upside for our acts.

Sevengrand has the resources to ensure that the pivotal role of senior management is undertaken, including visits to the key/major European markets – UK, France, Germany and the surrounding continental European countries on a regular basis.

Canadian promotion can be worked in line with US promo tour routing.

Australia/New Zealand and Japan should be visited at least once or twice each year. South America; great single sales potential, very much a rock mainstream market; great for touring.

All of the above create opportunities to increase sales for merchandise, concert tickets, VIP tickets, meet&greets, private shows, corporate events, the list goes on.

Please feel free to reach out to us for more detailed and strategic marketing plans for brands that you may want to develop globally.

        Global Service Locations