Get Noticed

Years ago, it was almost impossible for an unsigned artist to succeed in the music industry without signing up with a major or independent record label. Today, with the help of the Internet, succeeding in this venture is no longer as difficult. The advantage of being an ‘unsigned artist’ is that you can experience more freedom from the available resources found on the web to create your music, since you have no specific ‘rules’ that you must adhere to.

However, this is not as easy and simple as it looks.

Unsigned artists have to be mindful about the music that they create and the shows that they perform. They also have to take care of all the finances, the management, the scheduling and all other music business aspects.

It is not enough that you create the music, it is also necessary to broadcast it, share it to people and promote it. This means you would also need to look for musical promoters, musical distributors and more. You have to learn the twist and turns of the entire music industry and start establishing relationships with the right people and companies.

Record companies, Publishers, and Music Executives communicate with us directly on a regular basis to find new artists and bands to sign. They are always looking to find hit songs, instrumentals and tracks for TV and film placements.

If you’re an artist trying to land a record deal, or you’re a songwriter just “paying your dues,” or you’ve got a “monster sound” that the world needs to hear – let SevenGrand Entertainment be your vehicle. SevenGrand has a strong team of beatmakers, songwriters and musicians who can take your music to the next level whether you are an artist or label.