Tour Solutions

Navigating global touring requires a seasoned expert who can skillfully manage all aspects of the tour, and also effectively communicate with international stakeholders (i.e. – managers, promoters, venues, etc.) to ensure travel runs smoothly.

Artist Focused

SevenGrand is committed to building an all-encompassing solution for musicians, songwriters, bands and industry professionals to take their personal careers to the next level and beyond.

Global Outlook

Successful global artists will achieve the majority of worldwide album streams outside of the US. With a comprehensive global strategy, international success and notoriety can be accomplished through sales in concert tickets, merchandise and brand opportunities.

Artist Management

SevenGrand prepares artists to sign with major labels, ensuring the are equipped with all the information they need to negotiate their deal and set themselves up for success

Unsigned Talent

SevenGrand is able to arm unsigned talent with expert advice and direction as it pertains to their professional image and building a long-term career.

Tour Management

SevenGrand’s tour management oversees all aspects of touring; from the tour budget, venues, dancers, backline, tour crew, musicians, promoters, flights, ground travel and hotel accommodations.

Global Promotion

SevenGrand can assist in helping artist break new international markets and gain global notoriety. With the right team, the right budget and consistent focus, the results will begin to manifest themselves.